The Me We Frame

Inspire people to imagine and explore new existential concepts.


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Human conditions

On this page, we give an overview and a description of the Me-We frame. The frame is based on 3 layers; Human Conditions,  Human Perspectives and Human Actions. First, we start with community conditions.

In the Me-We vision, we believe that the quality of a community is influenced by 6 conditions. By exploring these conditions and investigate how they relate to different subjects in day to day life we get an insight into how we as a community think about a certain matter. Although there is no ideal situation or scenario within a community, we do think that it is important to understand our position towards; Safety, Trust, Understanding, Awareness, Relaxation and Tenderness [STUART]. Each aspect in STUART has an aim and a positive and negative relation towards this aim as is shown in the overview below.

Human life actions

As a second layer, we introduce Human actions. When we start from a ME-WE point of view, we notice that people are involved in activities during life that we can divide into 3 categories. These are Ritualising, Sharing and Imagining. In the Me We frame, we make a connection to how they relate to the Human conditions and Human perspectives. Each action is described shortly in the overview below.

In this Life action, we try to understand what someone’s background is. A person is formed by his/her origin, education and the environment where he/she grew up. This is important for communication between people from different environments.

This Life action is about the distribution of wealth and welfare for all species on earth. This is important to gain insight into people’s right to exist, but especially for all other life forms on earth. There is one earth as far as we know! 

As a third life activity, we name IMAGINING where man collects the knowledge that he gains during his life and converts it into technology to improve and continue the quality of life on earth. Innovation for sustainability is the focus here.

Human perspectives

As the third layer in the Me-We frame, we look at how a situation can be viewed from different personal preferences. These preferences stem from people’s innate personal characteristics. We named them after the four elements. With the ME-WE frame, we distinguish 4 preferences; analytical, conceptual, structural and social. Linked to these preferences are the perspectives; #prosperity, #pneuma, #planet and #people. These preferences categorise different viewing points but that doesn’t mean that the cannot be combined to look at a certain matter actually we strongly recommend they are taken into account equally. In the MeWe game, the perspectives are also associated with talents/competencies combined they represent the knowledge of the civilization.