Me We Game | Founders

Inspire people to imagine and explore new existential concepts.


On this page, a short overview and story behind the creators of the game

Lawrence Kwakye is an industrial designer and artist creating interactive tools and art calling people and organizations to action. He works on a sharing society in which the end of retail and empty buildings are reformatted and creates new and magic realities in large format art portraits as well as in applied arts facilities. As a designer & artist, he finds that he should contribute to the self-actualization of people in a balanced society with value consciousness.

Social Interaction Designer / Industrial Designer / Artist



(Contributed to the MeWe game from 2014- today)

  • MeWe game design in general
  • Co-creating on the MeWe game designs, game prototypes and rules together with Geert-Jan van der Wolf from 2015-2018
  • The developer of the  MeWe frame concept and design
  • The developer of the MeWe game prototypes from 2019-today

Simone de Wijn is a pioneer in the creation of an inclusive civil society and works for local care institutions, government bodies and NGO’s empowering them to create emergent and community-driven strategies. As a community adviser, she implements strategies of change and  ‘OwnPower’ conferencing methodologies.

Community Advisor




Contributed to the MeWe game from 2014- today

  • Communication, acquisition and promotion for MeWe game and vision
  • Building networks to various platforms informing MeWe
  • Organising events and players opportunities
  • Contributing matchings engine knowledge based on peoples preferences


Geert-Jan van der Wolf is a philosopher, trainer/coach and works with people who are willing to choose for the welfare, well-being. These people are aware of the fact that they in their daily life only really can enjoy their peaceful, joyous freedom when all life enjoy well-being, prosperity and well-being at any time of the day life long. They have their balance and inspiration in business. With the creation of the game, he helps to the MEWE game these basic fundamentals of human choice, course of action to make a feast of the senses in the social gathering which together plays a game creates.

Consultant business spirituality



Contributed to the MeWe game from 2014-2018

  • Design for the basic game rules 
  • Co-creating on the MeWe game designs, game prototypes and rules together with Lawrence Kwakye from 2015-2018
  • Philosophies and postulates behind the MeWe game and integration of various anthropological theories 
  • The Geometry of Peace Theory by Geert-Jan van der Wolf