Inspire people to imagine and explore new existential concepts.




Future Literacy

How to deal with:

• Technology

• Scale




Maintaining Culture

How to deal with:

• Heritage

• Different cultures

Links that caught our attention!

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Nora Bateson and Gil Friend: Inner Ecology—Thinking Through the Mess (EN)

Governance | Peace in practice | Research

The Future of Governance is not Governments (EN)

Community, Identity, being, becoming

Ubuntu Mogobe Ramose (Filosofie NL)



A vision on life



Focussing on the quality of life

A vision on life:

  • inclusive of all living beings
  • focus on joyful, peaceful freedom
  • abundant wellness, well-being
  • commons is the default
  • caring


New in 2019 !

Me_We_Method Kit

This set of cards  represents the Me_We vision on life and can be used to evaluate new ideas for society. For example if you have a new product design or a new service you can validate it’s social and environmental impact. Aspects as sustainability, economical and political impact can be evaluated. To download the MeWeMethodKit go to the download page by clicking on the link below or choosing Contact & Downloads in the menu.





Art & Performance

Giving expression to the Me We world. Lawrence Kwakye (artist/designer) & Fernando Dominguez (dancer /FDR dance company)meet  each other in the project Bob & I short for Between open borders and isolation. With a small team the are working on a traveling dance performance.  The Bob & I project tells a story on human vulnerability  and is told via the 6 community values of the Me We world. We are exploring the challenge of “being” giving expression to human awareness.





To bring the Me_We vision alive we started gamifying certain existential aspects and concepts like basic income, cradle to cradle, community governance while we strive for a balance between wellness and well-being. We cannot think of anything more effective than a serious game where people can actually experience the Me_We vision on life.

To follow the process we made an overview showing all the prototypes we made so far.

Click on the link below or select The Me We game in main menu.


From an existential perspective it became clear to me that if we long for a sustainable world we need to make connections between different aspects of life. This means I believe the focus should not concentrate on just one aspect. Instead we should focus technically, environmentally, economically and most important humanly to be able to develop new existential concepts of community.

As a designer I feel the urge to create solutions towards a sustainable society on all levels. Instead of  fighting against  existing systems like Capitalism, Communism & dictatorship I prefer working and exploring new systems making the existing ineffectual. 

Developing instruments like the MEWE game to raise social awareness are a beginning of this process.


Lawrence Kwakye