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This is a website about a life vision where we look at life from 2 positions, namely that of ‘Me’ and that of ‘We’. In other words, this is about you and the community you live in or, in a broader context, the civilization you live in. Recognizing the tension between the individual and the group where interdependence can be felt is important to understand the concept of community.
For a better understanding, we decided to work on gamification called the MEWE game so people can experience community building as a regenerative process. On this website, you see our thoughts, inspirations, and prototypes showing our attempts to frame the complex system of life.

Above how the Me-We context

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Me-We Challenge

Our challenge is how to create an inclusive civilization with value consciousness within a more regenerative world? 

Would it be possible to have a HUMAN system that makes colonization, manipulation, and depletion of natural resources obsolete?

So what does an inclusive civilization look like?                                                                                                                                              If we talk about an inclusive civilization we mean a civilization activated from a community perspective. 

What do we mean with Value Consciousness?                                                                                                                                    Coming from a community perspective we need to be aware of the conditions of life within the community to be able to evaluate them. We think the best way to address wicked problems in society is to frame a problem from different perspectives within the community.

About the Me-We community grid & template

To explore value consciousness through gamification is in our belief a very effective way to become aware of what we really think so we created a game building game. A game based on interdependence where the knowledge of the community is related to community functionality and community values. The relation between qualities, knowledge, functionality and values is represented in the Me-We community grid. We invite people to build their own grid with their own knowledge bank and community functionality and values with the MeWe community template. This way people can experience what we have experienced while we created the Me-We game. 

To download the Me-We grid & Template click on the A3 pdf link at the right. (for an I pad or phone below)

The Me-We World Community Template & Grid

This is a template to build your own community based on the Me We game Prototype gameboard no 6. Make your own version of the Me-We game!

Above gameboard Me-We game 2020

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Me-We Vision

In the Me-We vision, we believe that people learn from experiences and that our actions confirm our way of thinking.

About the Me-We game

Once the players have built their own community grid and understand the relation between knowledge, functionality and values they can play “The Me-We game” a knowledge collecting game where you can experience how it is to build and maintain a regenerative inclusive community-supported economic model based on community values. As a participant, you have to position yourself as an individual in a community and deal with dilemmas like the prisoner’s dilemma and the salesman problem.

For an overview of the Me-We prototypes click on the link below or select [The Me We game] in the main menu.

About the Me-We Frame

With the Me-We frame, we define 3 layers namely: Human conditions, Human perspectives and Human actions.  Community values emerge from Human conditions which determine the necessity of community knowledge and functionality. Since the Me-We game aims for an inclusive community the knowledge and functionalities within the community are based on Human perspectives. To improve the quality of the community we need Human actions.

To learn more about the Me-We Frame download the Me-We frame pdf at the right(for an I pad or phone below) or go to Me-We Framing in the main menu.

MeWe Frame

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Me-We Engagement

If people do not own their problem they will not come into action!

We believe that people need to be included by seeing or becoming aware of what their role could be in the community. In our current society, we experience that profit maximization has become the dominant value and transformed people into a functionality within a system. As a result of that, we relate everything to the system instead of people in their community. In a community, we talk about community functionality and its goal is to improve the quality of life within the community according to the community conditions. 

If ‘Me’ becomes ‘We’ it means that your intentions are shared. If We become Me it means that the group can act as one body and soul while recognizing the identity and knowledge of many.

Check how The Me-We vision relates to daily life by participating in the MeWe engagement Research (see google format  right or for an I pad or phone below)

*For all downloads click on the link below or select [Contact & downloads] in the main menu.

Me-We Engagement Research Form

If you want to use the Me-We frame for current issues go to the google form to participate in our research form.

The MeWe Frame in Short   (for a more detailed explanation click on the blue link)

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