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Me-We Community

So what are the conditions of the community? For a very long time, we described them as community values but the bias here would be that people in the Me-We world could do with one set of 6 values. So we started rethinking our game principles. What if we talk of Human Conditions instead of Human Values? If we consider a condition as a state of being that can change over time? In our opinion, values are experienced in life and are confirmed in the actions of people. In gamification, we can really bring this forward. 

Until 2019 we mainly focussed on the Me-We grid that we were using in our game prototypes. This had to be more open and the Me-We_grid became the Me-We_ frame. This frame is based on 3 layers; Human Conditions, Human Perspectives and Human Actions.

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Me-We Design[Thinking]

By making different prototypes and testing them we went into a game building game process together with our participants. This process wasn’t easy since the game rules had to represent our preferred way of thinking and the theories and philosophies behind it. By the end of 2018, we realized that not our prefered way of thinking was the most important but understanding the conditions of the MeWe community. These would influence peoples actions. While playing the game participants decided if it would be useful to help someone and whether you were more successful on your own or operating together.

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Me-We History

The development of the Me We game started with the key question 6 years ago: “What if we understood life as a game where you have to make it through the next day?”

Within this frame, we tried to explore existential questions by allowing ourselves the opportunity to experience life situations within a controlled game environment. This was the start of the serious game first called Younity and later changed into Me-We once we realized that our story was not only about oneness but more about the challenge of oneness in relation to the individual. The famous boxer Muhammad Ali / Cassius Clay caught this wonderfully in worlds shortest poem: “Me We”. 

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Maintaining Culture

How to deal with:

• Heritage

• Different cultures

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