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The ME-WE game

The Me-We-game is an interactive tool to experience how to create and maintain a peaceful, prosperous community for all. Me-We-life at the beginning of the game has little to no quality of Life. Game life is a struggle. Little influx of resources, sickness, waste, disaster are everybodies share. Moving through the game world collecting resources striving to develop talents is where the players start. Bringing talents together to create knowledge is the initial game process.  With the progress of gathering knowledge, conditions improve. Expanding basic knowledge into more specialised knowledge makes game life easier. Clustering specialised knowledge into community functionality makes maintenance easier. Aggregating functionality into the qualities of Life makes the community sustainable. Which opens the gate to throwing the community party. The strategically and tactically keenest community builder to throw the community party first wins.

Unique to the Me-We-game is that no player can win on his or her own.  Winning conditions for the players only occure after the community goal has been achieved. The players have to collaborate to be able to achieve the community goal. Also unique is that players are faced with moral dilemmas within the game based on the concept of the Me-We-world. Based on that concept no player can be eliminated from the game. As is the collaboration. The Me-We-world concept perceives any random group of people as automatically brought together in a community. Either people create a fully qualified community together or live in more violent circumstances. No one can exempt him or herself from being part of the community because one is alive and living. Whatever a person does, it impacts the world the community is living in. The Me-We-game makes it possible for people to experience how their behaviour (within the game) impacts the forming of a fully qualified community. Which creates the basic experiences for extrapolating that behaviour into the day to day world.

Prototype of the MEWE game as training table top january 2018

The game as a training tool is limited in its functionality in comparison to the current full flexible board game. The idea behind this is that the training situation is more learning based than game based. For instance, the implicit travelling salesmans problem needs to be visualised in the training environment for the trainees to be able to discuss their time and effort investment. This discussion will be connected to the current day to day situation of the trainees. The discussion, learning experience that would derive from a flexible game board takes up to much training time to prepare within the game to be of value.

Update The ME_WE game table design May 2018

Update July 2018

Changing the ME_WE game table back into a game board design again. We decided to create a bigger community house because your vision of the world is as big as the community you live in. It also makes the game and te proces of getting the knowledge for the community more tactile. We also got rid of almost all the cards. Knowledge, Functionality and Value are represented in the community house pieces. Knowledge clusters are represented in coloured rings around the house. If the rings grow the house is getting build!