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Simone de Wijn

Presenting the ME_WE_game period 2017-2018

Me-We Engagement Research Form

If you want to use the Me-We frame for current issues

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The Me-We Frame

Based on the Me-We game, the Me-We Engagement Frame is developed to explore how the Me-We concept relates to day to day life. With this set, you can play with and learn about the Me-We vision. Consultants and coaches can use this as a frame to work with. For any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

MeWe Frame

download pdf here


ME WE Level Booklet (prototype 5)

This booklet is needed to guide you through the different stages and levels of the game applying the game rules. You can download it and print and bind the booklet according to the instructions.

MeWe Level Booklet

download booklet here


ME WE Improve Booklet (prototype 5)

This is an instruction booklet explaining how to build the Me We community and community house based on community knowledge, functionality and values.

MeWe Improve Booklet

download booklet here