A vision on life:

• inclusive of all living beings


• focus on joyful, peaceful freedom


• abundant wellness, well-being


• commons is the default


• caring


The Me-We world, a new existential concept of community.

The Me-We world is named after the shortest poem ever. The poem was made by Muhammed Ali, the famous heavyweight boxer, during a television show where he was a guest. The Me-We-world is a new existential concept of a sustainable community. A concept with totally different postulates than our current mainstream existential concept of sustainability and community. In the Me-We world, there are houses, shops, streets, traffic, food, eating, going to school, work. Most of the things we have now exist in the Me-We world too. Yet this world is completely different from the world we are in now. In the Me-We world, all people living there are focused on, dedicated to helping to fulfil and maintain the 6 qualities of Life. These qualities are: Safety, Trust, Understanding, Awareness, Relaxation and Tenderness. The people in the Me-We world know that their way of thinking and their actions make the Me-We world what it is. Everyone knows that. Everyone lives like that. People encourage each other when they are tired or sad. People help each other because they know that they too will need help at some point. People share with each other because they know that every person has the right to sufficient things to live on. People also share their talents with each other to gather more knowledge. Gaining more knowledge from Life helps to make everybody’s life even more prosperous. People work to help maintain the 7 areas of care of Life. Care for the Food, for the Prosperity, for the System, for the Community, for the Interaction, for the Environment and the Health of people. All these areas are maintained by people’s work.

How do you get to the Me-We world? By listening to your heart. By being guided by your heart. By changing your thinking and your actions so that what lives in your heart is fulfilled. When you learn to think and behave yourself openly, clearly, truly, connected and heart-directed, you automatically become a resident of the Me-We world. A world that is difficult to reach? Perhaps. Once you have arrived there, you will never want to leave. You want to stay for as long as you live. Want to go there? Take the decision right here, right now that you will start to live from your heart. How? Just listen to your heart. Open, clear, real and connected with yourself. Want to practise? Play the Me-We game. Together.